Sharpe Store Jam Etiquette      
  Circular Jam Format        

At Sharpe Store Music we use the old time circle jam format. No matter your skill level or expertise, you are considered in the jam circle. The jam etiquette follows a clock-wise rotation as seen the drawing on the left.

In this example, the person who is choosing the song is "A". That person acts as either the kickoff or "Break Master". What this means is, that person chooses the song they would like to sing or play. Then they have the option to kick it off (start it) or choose someone else to kick it off. When the song they choose is over, the next person in the rotation either chooses the next song or passes their turn to the next person in the circle.

For this example we will say that "A" has chosen to kick it off and they start the song. Prior to starting they will tell the group that they will follow a circle rotation for breaks or that they will choose who takes a break. If they choose who takes a break, then this is considered acting as a "Break Master". If they ask the group to follow the circle rotation, then no "Break Master" is needed.


If "A" chooses to be the "Break Master" then "A" will choose who takes the breaks as the song progresses, which can be in any order and not releative to the circular pattern.

In this example, "A" will kick off the song and "A" has asked the group to follow the circle rotation.

  Once the jam starts, when a person is singing, the musicians should try to play softer, allowing the vocals to be heard. This is all relative to the singing ability of the singer, since different people are able to project their voices louder than others.      
  When someone is taking a break, meaning they are performing a solo while being accompanied by the rest of the group, the remainder of the pickers should again try to refrain from playing over or louder than that individual.      
  At Sharpe Store Music we want everyone to enjoy themselves fully and also want to insure that everyone has the opportunity to perform as much as anyone else, regardless of skill level. For that matter, we have posted these Jam Etiquette standards for all to know and follow, thereby; allowing everyone to know where we stand and how we expect the jam to flow. This way nobody has hard feelings or goes away with a bad experience.      
  We only allow the bass guitar to be the only amplified instrument on Bluegrass Saturdays due to the nature of the music. We do allow amplified instruments on the Gospel Saturdays at this time.